27 May 2008 (JSS Rowad, Iraq)

Today, we had to downsize the platoon.

We ended up basically cutting Leo’s squad. It was Leo, Cameron, Peno, and Black. They were all assigned to 4th platoon, and Leo found out from the platoon sergeant in 4th platoon, instead of from us. He’s angry, and he’s upset. He feels like he’s being punished for everything that has happened over the last few weeks, and I can understand why he’d feel that way, but it’s just not the case. I’d be upset too.

I also found out that SPC Dreamer will be coming to my squad. He’s a good guy, but he doesn’t really have any experience in a regular line squad. I’m sure he’ll be fine once we get him trained up some.

Two squads will be fine, but I still think it’s ridiculous that we’re over here and so under-strength.

I spent a little time online today; I was looking at some different types of federal jobs. I’m feeling a little discouraged, but I still have a year to figure out what I’m going to do.

Later in the evening, I went to our gym tent and lifted weights. I really need to get back into a routine. I’d like to surprise Theresa when I get home on R&R in September.

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