17 April 2008 (Camp Taji, Iraq)

In the morning, we were told that we would have a layout at 1 P.M. I was so pissed that I punched a wall locker. Now my hand is swollen.

We went to the PX and got real food from the fast food chains that operate out of trailers up there. Then at lunch time, we went to the DFAC on the other side of the camp. They have toasted subs over there, and they were excellent.

We were back and ready for our layout at 1 P.M., but the XO, Captain Green showed up late. Because we wasted a bunch of time doing that, we got to push our SP time back about an hour and a half. LT Schardt and AB worked it out so that we could wait until after dinner to head back to Sadr City. We got stalled even longer, because 3-Vic was disabled. General Dynamics technicians fixed it, but they hit something when they put the engine cover back on, and it caused them to have to tear it apart again.

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