14 April 2008 (Sadr City, Iraq)

This rotation to the OP at Charlie and Tennessee has proven to be the least active thus far. There was some shooting yesterday during the day, then we had some small arms fire and some explosions around 11:30 P.M. None of it was really coming close to us though. It was up the road a block or two.

Maggot 7 called over the radio, late in the night (early this morning) to tell us that there was a tip that there were large groups gathering with the intent of attacking coalition forces. The attack never came. I spent most of the wee hours of the morning flipping through a motorcycle catalog, circling things I’d like to buy. It was mostly clothes for Theresa. I’m getting more and more excited about seeing her dressed in leather like some kind of biker chick.

I took some video last night, and this morning. The sunrise was nice, considering it was here.

I think I’m going to try and rack out for a bit.

Later in the day, we took Captain Veath and Lieutenant Schardt up to meet with the IA again. This time they were at Routes Charlie and Gold. They have Route Charlie blocked with cement barriers, with only walking space to get through. 2nd SQD at IA Position (26)The officers took one fire team into the IA compound on the right side of the road, and I took a fire team across the street to the buildings on the other side. 2nd SQD at IA Position (14)I was surprised to find that the IA in the buildings I checked actually had a security plan in place, as well as a roster of soldiers who were assigned there. The NY Times photographer was up there with us, and we sat talking with him and the Iraqi soldiers until we were told it was time to return to the patrol base. We spent the rest of the day lounging and pulling security.Iraqi Soldiers

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