12 April 2008 (Sadr City, Iraq / Taji, Iraq)

I went to sleep around 1 A.M. and got up about 4 A.M. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the guts with a knife, and I rushed to the latrine with the shits. I guess that’s what happens when you get real food again.

Early in the morning we repacked our bags, turned in laundry, and dropped off and picked up mail. Most of us managed to get to the camp barber shop, and others took turns with clippers, cutting each other’s hair.

I managed to get some time to call Theresa, and we talked about what will happen when I get home and get out of the army. What will I go to school for? What jobs will I look at pursuing? She’s excited at the idea of staying in Hawaii, if I can find a job that will allow us to do that. She talked about getting Jacob into soccer, and how good he is at playing golf on the Wii.

I read some of the letters I had received, and Theresa wrote about me buying a Harley. She said that she thought she could see herself as a biker chick, and that she might have to get some leather chaps. Hell, I’m just hoping that she’ll wear them at home too. I’m really excited about buying a motorcycle, and I would absolutely love it if we could stay in Hawaii. What a beautiful place to ride. It would be fantastic if we could get back into the place we lived in on Aawa Drive. That neighborhood was how I had imagined living in Hawaii would be. There were lots of trees, palms, and flowers, and there was a large rock waterfall at the entrance. It was manmade, of course, but it was still my idea of life in Hawaii. Also, it was 10 minutes to Barber’s Point, which is where I usually went surfing.

I received a package from my cousin, Ted. It’s funny; I wrote him a letter about 3 weeks ago. We must have thought of each other at about the same time, because I still haven’t mailed my letter.

A little later in the day, we went back to our trucks to head south again. We were informed that all of our Strykers were considered deadlined for a variety of reasons. We were delayed in leaving, because the mechanics and tech’s wouldn’t let us roll out until they had made enough repairs. We left Colleran behind, so that he can leave on R&R, and we brought Bobby Gene down with us in his place.

Once we finally left, we went directly to the company patrol base. We dropped off B-66 and 2nd platoon’s clean laundry.

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