10 April 2008 (Sadr City, Iraq)

We moved back up to the house at Routes Charlie and Tennessee today. Honestly, I like it here better. We don’t have the commander and 1sg around as often. Things are the same up here. There is shooting, off and on, just a block or two up where the IA are holed up in some buildings.

Today, we had some NY Times guys with us. The reporter was kind of an ass, but his photographer is pretty cool. He talked a lot about how fucked up the Iraqi Army is, and how we must be really frustrated with the politics of the whole situation. I got something out of my pocket, and he noticed that I had an “infidel” tab under the pocket flap on my left shoulder. He loved it. I explained that I keep it hidden so I don’t offend anyone who is on our side, and also because it wouldn’t look good in his newspaper for an American soldier to be wearing “infidel” on his uniform in Iraq. He said, “I’m not here to make you look bad.” I just looked at him like I didn’t believe him.

JT looking for shooters

Later in the night, the Iraqi Army did a lot of shooting. Red tracers were going one way, while green were going the other way. We’re pretty certain that different Iraqi Army units were shooting at each other.

My theory is this; the Iraqi Army makes contact and returns fire. The adjacent unit, a few blocks away hears shots going over their heads, and they return fire. They’re typically shooting at rooftops.

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