3 April 2008 (SADR CITY, IRAQ)

Today, 3rd squad went on a patrol. They even made a little contact but never saw the source of the fire. They came back all excited about it. LT Schardt told me afterward that he wasn’t sure why they were so excited. He never felt like he was in any real danger.

Our electricity is done. The generator is down, and I think that’s the end of it.

Tonight, there is all kinds of shit going on. We got a tip that roughly 100 men are planning to attack our building. There is talk that JAM is evacuating all of the locals as they are preparing for a fight. There is a mosque message telling the locals to fight the infidels.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to be following the IA and 2nd platoon into more of a hot zone. We’ll see how that goes. I dread and wish for a firefight. It’s an amazing thrill. Even LT Shardt agrees. He said, “It’s horrible that people are being killed around you, but it’s so much fun.”

It’s hard to describe, but he’s right. It’s fun.

Even my new guys laughed when we heard the AK the first day. I sat waiting. I think I yelled, “Show me your face motherfucker, and I’ll end all your troubles.” We were all hooting and hollering, like it was some kind of redneck party. After the shooting had ended that day, the boys sounded like they had just won a championship trophy or something. They were reliving the glory moments almost immediately after the fight.

Our experience in this city has been…well…unreal so far. More to follow.

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