2 April 2008 (SADR CITY, IRAQ)

We were sent out for another raid today. 2nd and 3rd platoons would be hitting houses at the same time. As a matter of fact, one of the platoons was going to hit the house we went into on our first day in Sadr City, and the other platoon was hitting the HVT’s house again.

SGT Daggett complained again that my squad gets all the good missions.

We were going after another HVT. This guy was supposed to be the leader of Mohallah 512.

We hit the house, and it was a big ass house. We nearly got attacked by their dog before we ever got inside, but by the time I was in the living room, Fraleigh had a guy on the floor. He fit the description of the guy we were looking for.

We cleared up to the roof and found that the house was connected through an upstairs room to the neighbor’s, so we cleared down the other side. There were two men inside the building. One met the physical description, and the other met all of the other characteristics that they had given us.

In searching the home, SGT Fraleigh found a big bundle of 25,000 dinar bills and $7,700 U.S. in new 100 dollar bills. He also found a bunch of 9mm ammunition and a gold-plated 9mm pistol. Then he came up with an AK-47.Gold Plated Pistol

I was digging around and saw an odd looking piece of furniture next to the bed in the master bedroom. It was tall and skinny, like a column or pillar, with fabric draped over it, and a flower vase on top. Something seemed odd though, so I lifted the sheet.


There was a solid piece of furniture there was a safe on top of it. I went and got the guy that Fraleigh had nabbed when he entered. I told him to open the safe. He was hesitant, but he opened it. Once it was open, we sent him out of the room, and I looked inside. There were three stacks of U.S. 100 dollar bills, still banded, $10,000 each. There was a huge stack of Iraqi dinar, probably the equivalent of another $10,000 U.S., and a bag full of really interesting looking gold jewelry. It looked like some Saddam type shit. There were rubies that there about the size of pencil erasers. In all, we found the jewelry, the gold-plated pistol, $37,700 U.S. and about another $10,000 worth of dinar.JT with $10,000 and a bunch of DinarStrange Gold JewellerySuccessMore Interesting Gold Jewellery$40,000, and 4,000,000 Dinar

It struck me as odd that the women in the house were very calm. They did not seem at all surprised that we had shown up.

When we were back doing all of the paperwork, CSM Boom acted like it was a good find.

Once we had completed the packets and headed back toward our patrol base, we saw two big pieces of slat armor along the road. They were twisted up and looked like they’d been ripped off of a vehicle. That was a bit disturbing.

After we got back, we did a quick dismounted patrol with Lara Logan, from NBC. CPT Veath was cheesing the whole damn time. Things went smoothly. Bridges was pissed that we had to do it. I don’t think any of us like have reporters around. Daggett was pissed that my squad went and not his. I was just thinking it would be nice for Theresa and my mom to have an idea of where I was at and what I was doing. Maybe they’ll understand why I haven’t called or emailed.

One of the other platoon’s raids came up with an EFP. They brought it back. EOD was freaking out about the fact that they brought it back with them. They also had a new guy get a little jumpy and shoot an Iraqi man. (Not a bad guy.) Luckily, it just hit him in the shoulder.

1SG was all concerned that night about a tip that we had gotten. Supposedly, JAM was supposed to attack our patrol base, so we had to increase our security. Hell, he even slept in his body armor.

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