1 April 2008 (SADR CITY, IRAQ)

My squad assumed patrol base security first thing this morning. In addition to the posts on the rooftop and around the building, we also helped the vehicle crews man their gun systems.

SFC AB told the 1SG that we needed more men to guard such a large area, but 1SG just got pissed. AB tried to explain that we are an undermanned platoon, and that our drivers and gunners desperately need some rest. In the same rant about us asking for more soldiers, 1SG complained that our security perimeter was weak. He also told us that the building we were living in was dirty and needed to be cleaned up.

Un-fucking-believable! I thought. Gotta love the priorities. 

In unrelated news; we got some supplies today. They brought out a couple of boxes of frozen pizzas. We had no way to heat them, except for a small propane stove the Iraqis make their chai with. We took the rack out of a refrigerator and scraped the rubber coating off of it. Problem solved.Dinner

That morning, our snipers took a shot at a guy who was acting suspiciously. Less than 10 minutes after they killed him, an IED blew up directly below their rooftop position. SFC Grimes was there with them, and he was close to the bomb when it detonated. From what we were told, he was bleeding from both ears and vomiting from the concussion. He was evacuated.


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