26 March 2008 (JSS ROWAD)

We were supposed to be relieved from JSS security at noon today. It’s our turn to rotate back to Camp Taji for a few days. Our relief didn’t arrive until almost 2:30 P.M. We waited around for them to get settled, and we helped unload some supplies while we waited. By the time they had taken over, and we were ready to move, it was almost 6 P.M.

Bushmaster JSS 11

Hacky Sack while waiting to leave. L to R: Leo, Darby Black, Nathan Peno, Chris Almazan

After being at the JSS, everyone was looking forward to hot showers, beds, and maybe a phone call. When we got back, the phones and computers were blocked, because of another commo blackout.

Our plans seem to be up in the air right now. The 27th will be a down day, so we can get laundry and things taken care of. There is talk of us making another trip to Abaiji again on the 28th. They are also talking about us going to Ramadan on the 28th, Tal Tasa on the 29th, followed by an overnight in Abaiji on the 30th, then back to the JSS on the 1st.

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