16 March 2008 (ON PATROL)


We did a quick patrol to Tal Tasa today. We left around 0800, and we were back at Camp Taji by noon.

I was platoon sergeant for this patrol, and Capelli was acting at the vehicle commander in 4-vic, so we were riding together. On the way out there today, Capelli asked me over the CVC, “So, Sergeant Taylor, are you naturally an asshole?”

“Only to certain people,” I said.

I spent a little time explaining to him how my squad works.

I’ve already lost my two guys to weapons squad. I’m supposed to leave the squad in the next couple of months. AB said I’ll leave the platoon as soon as he can get Capelli trained up.

Overall, the patrol went smoothly today. We walked through the town and made a stop at the new school. While we were there, an old Iraqi man asked if I wanted some chai, so I had some. I got a sugar rush a little bit later.

After that, we walked quickly back to the Strykers. I was sweating like crazy. Hot tea on a hot day, with all that gear and some physical activity. BLAH!

LT Schardt told me that he was disappointed that I didn’t make the SFC promotion list, and he said that I deserved it. We also talked about my squad’s performance and who we both thought should be taking my place as squad leader.

I learned today that our platoon is known in our company as the “I can” platoon. Apparently some of the other platoons have earned the nickname of “I can’t.” That’s good.

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