8 March 2008 (ON PATROL)

Today, we went out to Checkpoint Delta 18. It is to be the site of the Bravo Company C.O.P. Engineers were supposed to meet up with us at 0915, but they didn’t show until 1015. That’s pretty standard for troops movements of any kind; hurry up and wait.

We got out there and let the engineers look around to get an idea of what it will take to build the area up for us, and then we left.

From there, we went through Al Thayer village and then onto Tal Tasa. Sheikh Karam had contacted the company to let us know that a transformer of his had been stolen, and it was now being guarded by armed men. I told LT Schardt that he should probably call the Iraqi Police and not us.

Personally, I thought maybe he was trying to get us to steal it for him. Shady bastards!

We drove down to his village and stopped for a brief moment Sheikhs always roll up within a couple minutes of us stopping in their territory. We were probably there for 1 to 2 minutes before we left.

1st Squad dismounted and walked along looking for signs of IEDs as we traveled south on Route No Name. Those of us riding were taking bets on whether or not we would make it back before the chow hall stopped serving lunch. In the end, we got there with a couple of minutes to spare.

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