7 March 2008 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

My squad stated in today. It was actually a pretty decent down day.

My biggest news; I ordered a damn Harley-Davidson Motorcycle. It’s a vivid black XL1200N “Nightster.” To me, it’s almost vintage looking. It is part of their dark custom line, low to the ground, with a dark engine, and black wheels with chrome spokes.

I’m stoked! I haven’t been on a motorcycle for years, and I’ve never been on anything bigger than an 80cc dirt bike.

I’m set to get out of the army in June 2009, and I’ll get the bike in June also. It’s $11,000 with the security system and extended warranty.


2009 Harley-Davidson XL1200N in vivid black.

I’m still reading about the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam, and it is currently talking about the dark humor shared by grunts in war. The book explains that its impossible to understand unless you’re there and going through it. It’s totally true.

One of my friends stopped by tonight and told me that his wife is getting a boob job. He said, “I sure hope I live long enough to enjoy them.”

“If not, I guess you’re here to pay for them so someone else can enjoy them,” I said.

“That’s fucked up,” he laughed.

That’s the dark humor on a deployment.

Then we started talking about my motorcycle. “I hope I didn’t fuck myself,” I said. “I ordered it, so now I’ll probably get my legs or arms blown off, so I won’t be able to ride it anyway.”

Married guys tend to joke about our $400,000 life insurance policies supporting our wives’ next husbands, and all kinds of sick shit.

People at home just wouldn’t understand how we find this shit funny, but if we couldn’t crack jokes about it all, I think we would all lose our damn minds.

Our PL is learning. A lot of the guys think he’s a “Haji hugger.”

He commented to me a few days ago, “These people are lazy beggars who expect us to just give them everything.”

“Now you’re getting it, sir,” I said.

Heckman is in Qatar, and I guess he’s going to be there for a few weeks. It sounds like he’s pretty sick.

I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. I wanted to tell them about my motorcycle and get my stepdad’s opinion. He has a big Harley Road King at home.

I really can’t wait to get home and get the bike. I can’t wait to see the looks on people’s faces. I’m sure that no one in my family would ever think that I’d buy a Harley. Hopefully Theresa will get into it. I don’t think she’ll go full biker chick or anything, but I hope she’ll have some fun with it. We’ll have to get her some boots and whatever else she needs. I’ve gotta come up with something good for the license plates too. I guess it doesn’t really matter yet. I’ve got more than a year to wait. I’d really like to get something like 4XVET or 4TORS on a veteran plate. I’d love to get 4TRSWTF, 4TOURS, CMBT X4 on my car. I’m sure it wouldn’t actually work though. Maybe I’ll try to get something for Theresa on my bike, ORION would be cool. That’s another story though.



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