6 March 2008 (ON PATROL)

The platoon conducted a dismounted patrol through Tal Tasa today. LT Schardt didn’t go out with us today, so AB and I changed up our call signs a bit. He was Maggot 6 + 1, and I was Maggot 7 Papa (P for pretend).

We came upon a construction site, and we stopped to talk to the guys working there. They are building a school. We were surprised to learn that it wasn’t sponsored for funded by coalition forces. These guys are building a school on their own.

On the way out and back today we were talking shit on the radio, as usual.

Capelli spoke up, “Hey Sergeant T, how does it feel to be replaced?”

I called back, “It’s going to be much harder on you than it is on me.”

LT Schardt and I have talked about this, and even he agrees that my team leaders are not going to make it easy for Capelli. After all, he has spent the deployment up to this point, in a truck. They’ve been on the ground kicking in doors and stuff. They are going to have chips on their shoulders, and I can’t blame them.

Speaking of LT Schardt, we’ve got him a little freaked out. Apparently his wife purchased some songs on iTunes, and one of them is something about sexual appetite. We’ve been giving him shit about it. He compares our meal times to NFL Game Day. He says that AB, Leo, and I are like the panel of so-called experts, talking about whatever raunchy shit we can think of. Grunt humor makes for good times. That’s all I can say.

Our planned mission for tonight was a simple overwatch. We were just going to sit and keep an eye on the road that goes into Tal Tasa. The mission was scrubbed though, because some assholes went out there and stuck an IED on the road just minutes after we left the area today.

I guess a patrol from Charlie Company caught the guys who were responsible, and they had a lot of other stuff with them. 4th platoon is out there now, waiting for EOD to come and blow the IED and the other ordnance the bad guys had in their possession. Apparently, they were riding around in a black Mercedes Benz, and from what we are hearing, the guy who was driving is Russian. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

My squad is supposed to stay back tomorrow; another down day. I think I’d rather go out. It’s a run up to the school at 14th Ramadan to drop supplies. I’ve gotten some care packages, so I have some stuff that I’d like to take up to the kids. I guess I’ll take it next time.

Tomorrow marks 3 months down. One year to go. Two guys from our platoon left for R&R this evening. This deployment is moving fast, but not fast enough.

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