3 March 2008 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

We came back in from Abaiji today.iraq 072 It felt like it was taking forever to get everyone ready to go and all of the moving parts in the correct order of movement.

1SG was riding behind my vehicle in the MEV (Medical Evacuation Vehicle). His driver sucks. They hit HESCO barriers, got snagged in concertina wire, and even took the mirror off of a truck they were passing.

We got back into our CHUs tonight, and my power converter blew a fuse when I turned it on. Nearly 6 hours later, my building still has no power. I’m writing with a flashlight.

In other news from today, Command Sergeant Major Ordonio shot himself in the leg with his Beretta 9mm.

You may be wondering what that means for all of us lower enlisted guys.

Well, tomorrow we will have a safety day. We have to go through more training on proper weapons clearing techniques. Then, we’ll have to show our leaders that we know the various weapon statuses, which are situation dependent, and we will have to demonstrate how to clear each of our assigned weapon systems.

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