2 March 2008 (ON PATROL)

Today wasn’t very exciting. We sat around the patrol base most of the day, and a couple of squads went out here and there.

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My squad was asked to take Col. Bridges to a local school. The gate was inside of our patrol base perimeter, and there was a platoon of MPs in the school already. We got our gear on, walked over to the school, then walked the 50 feet back over to our squad’s area, dropped our shit and sat around some more.

Lofgran, who I already mentioned with the rifle scope and the EO Tech on the side rail, also has some sort of mask that goes with his helmet. I don’t know what the hell these headquarters guys are doing. One of the other headquarters guys was trying to take some of the coins with Saddam on them after our raid. When I told him that he couldn’t take them, he said, “Oh, I wasn’t. I just want to see a picture of Saddam.”

Has he really never seen an image of Saddam?

Some of our guys sat around torturing frogs to pass the time. I don’t really see the fun in that. I guess they’ve never really grown up.Colleran's Photos 012

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