23-26 February 2008 (QRF)

We went out to JSS Mshahdh today and took over as QRF for the battalion AO. We sat for 24 hours, and then we left. We didn’t get a single call.

There are no cooks at the JSS, so they have a lot of canned foods and snacks out there. CSM Ordonio and LTC Boccardi showed up while we were there, and CSM started bitching at us, telling us that we shouldn’t be eating  Charlie Company’s chow. Their 1SG told us to help ourselves to the chow. I guess these little camps don’t like feeding visitors. That’s okay though, because I don’t like being at their little camps, so…

They cooked out for dinner. Again, they have no cooks, and they didn’t make complete meals, just meat. They tossed steaks, ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and sausages over a fire, and that was dinner. It wasn’t amazing, but it was a nice break from chow hall food, and it certainly beat MREs.

We returned to Camp Taji on the 24th.

We were supposed to go to 14th Ramadan on the 25th, but our mission was scrubbed. We were put on QRF for another 24 hours.

Alpha Company found a huge cache in our AO, something like 400 artillery rounds. They are busy taking care of that. HHC complained that they are short on manpower and only have three platoons, so they can’t possibly be responsible for QRF. We only have three platoons available right now too, and we have a 5-day mission coming up.

The room that we sleep in is cramped and hot, and it smells like funk. The building is shared with Iraqi Police. While we were there this time, the wind picked up, and the entire brick wall on the west side of the JSS fell. C Co. was scrambling to get guys out to secure that area, and then there was talk about us babysitting a KBR convoy all night. Not exactly QRF work if you ask me.

I didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. I was up about every 20 minutes. Charlie Company was using our guys to cover the opening in their perimeter, and then one of their platoon sergeants got pissed at me when I only gave up 7 soldiers to help unload their supplies. I was doing what my platoon sergeant told me to do. Last time I checked, I work for SFC AB, not some ass hat in C Co.

I’ve been wanting to call home to Theresa for the last three days, and I haven’t had a chance to do it. I’m starting to get a little frustrated with that.

In other news, I’m reading a book about 25th ID in Vietnam. It’s amazing how little has changed in 40 years. I can totally relate to the things I’m reading. Different enemies, different uniforms, same kinds of bullshit. That’s how war goes. Grunts are grunts. Sleeping in the rain. Carrying a lot of gear. It all sucks regardless of when you did it of even which side you’re on…

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