20 February 2008 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

We spent about four hours at a firing range on Camp Taji today. We confirmed our zeros, and did a little bit of CQM (close-quarters marksmanship) training. The guys have gotten a little sloppy since we’ve been here.

I was a little surprised to see CPT Veath’s driver’s and gunner’s weapons. SPC Howard and SPC Lofgran both have M4 carbines, but they have scopes and stuff on them. Lofgran has a scope on the top rail of his M4 and an EO Tech on the side rail. He also wears a tactical leg pouch thing with a huge knife attached to it. Maybe he’ll run into a hostile case of motor oil or something when he’s working on the vehicle. AB eventually had me kick them off of the range, because Lofgran couldn’t hit anything with his scope, and they couldn’t find the right adjustments. Once he started shooting with the M4 sideways, like a gang banger in a movie, AB had had his fill.

Tomorrow is a down day again.

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