14 February 2008 (ON PATROL)

It has been a couple of days since I’ve written. There really hasn’t been much happening.

On the 12th, my squad had a down day in the rotation.

Last night, we went out on patrol around 8 P.M., and we will be doing the same again tonight. We are going out in the evenings to provide security and overwatch for a team of engineers. They are building an Iraqi Army checkpoint on MSR Tampa, at the spot just south of Mshahdh, where the IED hit the Iraqi Police truck. Insurgents try to place IEDs there pretty regularly, so we are going to put a checkpoint there.

Last night was pretty quiet. Taaga and I took turns scanning on the RWS (Stryker machine gun), and my two fire teams were out in an OP. They also took turns on watch, so that everyone got some sleep. I felt bad sleeping in the Stryker while my guys were out on the ground, and even more so when Taaga insisted on staying on the gun all night.

Technically, this area is in C Co.’s sector, but we are guarding the construction. Some NCOs in Alpha Company told me that they have heard that we just go around behind C Co. doing what they can’t. I guess we did search the same house only a few weeks after they did. We found a lot of weapons and ammo, where they found nothing.

George, our interpreter, mentioned that one of our CLC checkpoints was attacked, and one of the CLCs was abducted. I wonder if things will get bad around here soon.

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