5 February 2008 (ON PATROL)

We went to 14th Ramadan and set up TCPs (Traffic Control Points) this evening. I pushed out with my squad and set up an OP (Observation Post). and set in traffic control points (TCP) with my squad pushed out on an observation post (OP).  It didn’t last very long.  Hell, we left Camp Taji at 1900, and we were loading up to leave the TCP at 2100.

We were all joking about how short the patrol was. I don’t think our patrols ever go as scheduled, so we never make it back at the anticipated time. Every time we are headed in on time, we get the Dragon Mike special. Dragon Mike is the call sign for the battalion battle captain.

Tonight, we were just north of the gate to Camp Taji when we heard the call come over our net, “Bushmaster 1-6, this is Dragon Mike, over.”

Fuck! Here we go again, we all thought.

Dragon Mike instructed us to move back into Camp Taji and stand by. We sat in our Strykers outside of battalion headquarters until about 2300 hours, when we were finally told to go and get some sleep. We were on a 30 minute leash though, meaning we needed to be able to be rolling within 30 minutes of the call. We parked our vehicles in the staging area next to our CHUs instead of in the motor pool, and we left the guns mounted and our gear in the trucks.

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