3 February 2008 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

I bought a bootleg DVD today, called Home of the Brave. Its cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel, and a few other familiar faces. Check out the trailer here.  I read the case, but it wasn’t at all what I was anticipating.

Home of the Brave.jpg

I had expected it to be a little more of a war movie than it actually was.

The film opens with a combat patrol in Iraq that is ambushed, and things go to hell for about 10 minutes.

Home of the Brave 2

The rest of the movie is a portrayal of soldiers going home and coping with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

As I watched the movie, I noticed that I can relate to some of the things that came up. It’s a little frightening, actually, even though the movie is also a little over-the-top. Really, it wasn’t a terrible movie. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who is in my current situation, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest it for military spouses. I’m sure that Theresa would have a hard time with it. Hell, a few parts of it upset me. The story is a little bogus, but overall I get the points that they are trying to make. On the flip side, I worry about what movies like this will do to the public’s perception of veterans after these wars are over.

I got to talk with Theresa today. She was super upset when I had to get off of the phone. There was an open computer, so I talked with her on IM for a little bit after we hung up. It was frustrating because she was having problems staying connected or something.

When I finally had to go, it seemed like she was upset with me. It’s frustrating for me when she seems mad when I run out of phone or computer time or when I have to leave to go back to work. I guess I only know what it’s like to be here. I have no idea what she’s dealing with there, and 10 minute phone calls just aren’t enough for either of us to be able to understand the other’s situation.

She’s having a hard time balancing home and work right now too. She’s feeling guilty about having Jacob in daycare and about how much time he’s spending with his grandparents. She said it makes her feel like a bad mommy. In reality, she’s busting her ass to run a business, manage a household, stay upbeat for me, and she’s basically a single mom right now. If working a lot for a few weeks in a row makes her a bad mom, I would hate to think of where I rate as a daddy.

Mission is scheduled for 2200 (10 P.M.) tonight. More later.

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