29 January 2008 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

Today was another slow day. There was just a lot of administrative paperwork type stuff that needed to by taken care of. Really, a lot of it just seems like extra busy work to me.

Tomorrow, we are supposed to run a patrol through a new village. The company is saying that there is an HVT (high-value target) there. I seriously doubt that we will find anything, but word is that we are going to go and look.

There was a huge explosion about 10 minuets ago. We just got word that one hell of an IED just went off on MSR Tampa right outside the gate to Taji. Somebody in those guard towers hasn’t been paying attention.

I tried to call Theresa on my Iraqna cell phone earlier, but we could barely hear each other. Between the shitty reception, wind, helicopters flying over, vehicles driving by, and soldiers talking to me as they passed, it was almost impossible. I finally gave up and told her that I’d try to call again later.

I’m trying to get motivated to go to the gym later. I’m just not really feeling it. I have to do something. I would love to go home looking like I did after our first deployment. SGT Reed, SGT Tavae, and I lifted weights about 5 nights a week. It also helped that there were times that we didn’t get much food. Either way, I went home looking and feeling pretty good. Theresa liked how I looked. Hell, I think some of her friends liked the way I looked too. It was a good feeling, and I miss feeling good about how I look. I need to start eating better, and I need to come up with a good workout routine. I’m getting older, and it is definitely harder to stay in shape than it used to be. It’s harder to find the time, and definitely harder to find the motivation. It also seems to be harder to get results when I do find the time and motivation.

I went to the computers today, and I ordered gifts for Theresa. I got flowers for Valentine’s Day, and I ordered a gift card for a spa for her birthday on the 7th. It’s enough to cover a 1 hour massage, a manicure, and a pedicure. I hope she likes it and feels pampered.

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