18 January 2016 (CAMP TAJI, IRAQ)

A Private in 3rd squad is claiming all kinds of mental troubles. We haven’t really done anything here that would cause mental issues at this point in the deployment. Apparently, he told Leo that he thinks the squad is all fucked up. He went on to say that he was going to get a job at Camp Taji so he wouldn’t have to go outside of the wire anymore.

He’s been nothing but trouble since he was assigned to our unit, so I had all kinds of creative ideas for how to deal with him. I suggested that we take him on patrol without ammunition, since he’s having “issues.” I also wanted to call him a coward and make him stay away from the rest of the platoon, so he doesn’t wear off on the rest of our soldiers who aren’t afraid to do their jobs. I mean, if he wants to claim mental health problems after a few patrols with no enemy contact, maybe we should help him out. I’m sure we could fuck him up enough that his problems become legitimate. That sounds terrible, but at this point, he’s a liability. If I have any control over it, I won’t have soldiers around me, who are unstable and too weak to do their jobs. You can be afraid all that you want, but be a man and do your job.

Another of Leo’s soldiers pissed in his pants in the back of their Stryker a couple days ago. There isn’t a lot of room when there is a squad in the back of a Stryker, but most guys manage to piss into an empty bottle or something. This kid just let it go, right in the vehicle, with everyone else sitting there.

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