There was a creepy guy in her night class…

The professor dismissed the class, and students began to disperse. A lone light swung back and forth in the wind above the door to the old brick building. As she stepped outside, the night sky flashed electric blue, as lightning struck a bronze statue that overlooked the quad. Startled, she jumped, and the lone swinging light fell dark.

She looked around, just darkness. She pulled up her hood, and held her bag tightly to her side as she ran out into the pouring rain. Her car was only a few blocks away. The sound of thunder rolling, the blowing wind and rain, and her own footsteps splashing through already standing water masked his presence. She was focused on getting in out of the storm.

He was only focused on her.

With rain soaking through her jacket, she reached her car and fumbled for her keys. As she rifled through her bag, lightning flashed again. She looked up, and standing in front of her car she saw a hooded silhouette. She recognized his face as the lightning flashed again. He was the weird guy who sat at the back in her class. He was walking toward her. Her hands started to shake, and she grew short of breath. She frantically dug through her purse as he continued moving closer.

Finally, he was there. She looked up.

He reached out toward her, and his mouth opened a little.

“Hey, you left your keys in the classroom,” he said, holding out her keys.

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